Columbus Coworking Office Space

Brick House Blue is Expanding in Columbus, Ohio

Having outgrown our original coworking space in Dublin, Brick House Blue is happy to announce the opening of a second location for residents and entrepreneurs in the Columbus area. 

On Feb. 10, a second collaborative office workspace – with 25 additional offices – will more than double the space available at the inaugural location in Dublin’s Bridge Park development. Location No. 2 will also offer space team-building, work meetings, conferences and client meet-ups.

New Amenities, New Opportunities, Same Working Environment

Through a partnership with design company Kimball International, the new Brick House Blue location will feature the same exciting environment and many of the same popular amenities that have defined our current space. As CEO Cid Rhomberg puts it, “We’ve got some pretty fun things that are in the works,” and we aim to capture those same positive vibes among the visitors at our new location. 

Visitors familiar with our original Dublin location will be able to count on all the individual attributes that made it unique having a presence at the new office: virtual mail, free beer on tap, open and private spaces, comfortable booths, and collaborative personal or team-building activities such as Wall Scrabble and creative puzzles.

Is Brick House Blue A Good Fit For You?

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you just launched your start-up, Brick House Blue offers a wide variety of resources that can work for any client, no matter how specialized their line of work. Business vets are provided a perfect place to bring in customers and continue business growth, while entrepreneurs new to the game have considerable options to help them get off the ground. 

“Depending on what you need in business, there’s a friendly, collaborative group of people here who have been in that position before that can help direct you. Whether you’re an attorney who needs some graphic design done, or you need a merchant processor to assist in handling transactions, we have the resources and community liaisons on hand to guide and get your projects off and running.”

–CEO Cid Rhomberg

A One-Of-A-Kind Coworking Office Experience 

The uniqueness of Brick House Blue that will remain consistent throughout both locations will be a huge driving factor in establishing the type of highly collaborative environment that the working visitors in Bridge Park have grown to love, including: 

A Collaborative Environment You Have To See To Appreciate

Interested in an office lifestyle that will motivate you to get more done, propel business relationships and help you formulate your big ideas through collaboration? Then Brick House Blue in Central Ohio is the place for you!

“What you see online and in pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a tough place to describe, but it proves itself in the value when you can come in, participate in the collaborative work environment and garner a true appreciation.”

–CEO Cid Rhomberg

Brick House Blue’s new location in Columbus, Ohio will officially open its doors on Feb. 10, 2020. With private office space quickly filling up and getting reserved at the new location, many residents and businesses will quickly reap the rewards of the coworking office’s expansion.