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Brick House… Who? [FAQ]

What is Brick House Blue Coworking

You’ve seen the sign as you’re driving down Riverside Drive and you’ve noticed those three unique symbols, but you’re still a little confused…

Is it a fraternity? Is it a Blues bar? Do the symbols have something to do with PlayStation? 

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re Brick House Blue! Dublin’s premier coworking and creative meeting space conveniently located in the new Bridge Park District. To kick off with our first-ever blog post, we thought it might be a good idea to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.


We’re a dynamic space where teams, individuals, and organizations, can discover, build and grow. We offer the perfect space for coworking, team workshops, strategy sessions, speaking engagements, networking events – you name it!


We call Dublin home. Conveniently located in the up and coming Bridge Park District – we’re located on the second floor of building 6605 on Longshore Street.

However, we have a new location in Columbus, Ohio (opens February 6th, 2020) right down the street on Longshore Loop. Ask us about availability!


Long story short – they literally translate to “Brick House Blue”.

Brick House Blue Logo

The rectangle represents BRICK. When you start something new – a task, career, etc. – you need to master the fundamentals. Building a strong foundation – brick by brick – you set yourself up for success.

The triangle represents HOUSE. Once you’ve built your foundation, you’ve proven you’re equipped for success and can operate efficiently. We’re that place you can always come to for inspiration and guidance – your home away from home – on the brightest days, and during trying times.

The circle represents BLUE. In our space, anything goes. We’re a blue sky atmosphere and here to see you through your wildest endeavors.


When it comes to meeting and event space – we keep simple. We charge half day and full day rates. Our half-day rate is $70/person providing space for up to four hours (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm). Our full-day rate is $95/person and provides space for up to 9+ hours (8am-5pm).

We should also mention – our prices include everything. No, really. EVERYTHING. Audio and visual needs (projector, screens, microphones, etc.), whiteboards, easels, soda, bottled water, coffee, hot tea, snacks, candy, WiFi, games…it’s all included with your rental! The only additional charges you’d encounter would be for facilitation needs or catering. (Did we also mention you’re welcome to bring in outside catering at no cost?) Oh, and parking at Bridge Park – that’s free, too!

Now, when it comes to coworking – that’s when we up the ante. We offer a variety of options to accommodate everyone – whether you just need space for the day or a permanent office – we’ve got you covered. To see our full list of coworking options – click here.


Absolutely not! Anyone and everyone is welcome to rent our meeting rooms regardless of membership. But, this might be a good time to mention that we provide our members with a hefty discount when it comes to meeting space rentals.  

So, that’s Brick House Blue in a nutshell. 

Still have questions? Give us a shout at, come visit us for a tour of our space, or contact us here! We’d love to show you around.

TL;DR – Brick House Blue is a really cool place in Bridge Park to work or host a meeting/event.

Brick House Blue is Open For Business! For More Information On Our COVID-19 Update & Safety Policy - Click Here