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Why BHB?

Brick House Blue offers virtual mail services, flexible coworking options, and collaborative meeting and event space where teams, individuals, and organizations can discover, build, and grow.

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Our Symbols

We aren’t a fraternity or a blues bar, and we have nothing to do with PlayStation. But we do have beer on tap, and a vibrant community that knows how to work hard and celebrate every day! We’re Brick House Blue. And those symbols represent our motto: discover. build. grow.

The rectangle symbolizes “BRICK”: When you start something new (task, career, etc.), you discover the fundamentals to succeed – brick by brick.

The triangle symbolizes “HOUSE”: Everyone here is helping build a community that energizes, motivates, and inspires others.

The circle symbolizes “BLUE”: When you’re here. we’ll push you to challenge you and help you grow both personally and professionally.

Virtual Mail

When you operate out of a home office or travel often, it can be challenging to appear professional and well-organized. With BHB’s digital services, you can simplify your administrative tasks – such as handling mail, maintaining privacy, and managing your phone calls – all from your smartphone or mobile device.

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We help startups and growing companies eliminate overhead costs associated with operating out of a private space. At Brick House Blue, you can plug in and get focused in a place that feels like home, yet is polished and professional, and filled with the collaborative energy today’s working professionals crave.

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Meetings & Events

Our collaborative spaces provide everything teams need to create a day of focus and productivity. From the moment you arrive on-site, we’re here to help you plug in and start the day. Teams stay energized and focused in our spacious rooms equipped with state-of-the-art A/V, snacks, beverages, and other various meeting essentials.

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Our Team

Dave Mirgon

Chief Ideation 

Cid Rhomberg

Chief Experience

Marissa Doughty

Hospitality Operations Manager

Chelsea Ingram

Growth & Coworking Specialist

Elyse Mirgon

Marketing Intern

Zoe Stenholm

Marketing Intern

Austin Schmitt

Operations & Marketing Intern

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